How healthy are Americans who are over 65?


In the United states, 3 out of every 4 Americans  over age 65 have at least one chronic medical condition.  A “chronic medical condition” is defined as a medical problem that will last at least a year, and requires ongoing medical care.

The high rate of chronic medical conditions is partly due to sedentary lifestyle, the obesity epidemic, and tobacco smoking.

Among Medicare patients, 93% of total spending is on chronic health conditions.

More than one third of Americans over 65 are obese, 27% do not engage in any regular exercise, and 8% are smokers.

Chronic medical conditions includes diabetes, which now affects 23% of the older population.  One third of older Americans have high blood pressure, and 5% have congestive heart failure.

Only 1% of our health care dollars is spent on public efforts to improve overall health.




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