Facts about Covid and the Wuhan lab

1.  2012:  Miners went into a cave in China to clean out bat dung.  Six became sick and three died.   Wuhan lab collected samples from the miners and published the viral genome.

2.  2016:  The head researcher at Wuhan publicly discusses gain of function studies.

3.  2019:  Wuhan lab researchers become ill.

4.  2019:   Wuhan lab suddenly pulls all previously published scientific data off of their site.

5.  2020:  Head Wuhan lab researcher publishes a study that shows that the RAtG13 viral genome from the cave deaths in 2012 is consistent with the genome from the Covid virus.

6.  2020:  WHO appoints Peter Daszak, head of US Ecolab, to head up the investigation on whether the virus came from Wuhan Lab.  Ecolab previously funneled $600K from NIH to Wuhan lab.

While in Wuhan for the investigation, Daszak refuses to ask the Wuhan lab for any genetic data that was previously published on their site.  Daszak then personally requests that 28 renown scientists sign a letter stating that the virus was not from the Wuhan lab.  The letter is published in the journal The Lancet.

In February 2020 The Lancet publishes a retraction stating that Peter Daszak had conflict-of-interest due to Wuhan lab funding.

7.  2021:   A paper is leaked that states Wuhan lab modified the SARS virus with the Furin Cleavage site which gives the virus its pandemic-causing pathogenic properties.

8.  2021:   Francis Collins steps down as Director of the National Institutes of Health  (Collins was at the helm when Wuhan was funded by Ecolab/NIH).  

9. 2021: Collins successor Lawrence Tabak, as the newly appointed director of NIH and head of Ethics, sends letter to Congress stating that the  NIH funded gain-of-function at Wuhan lab.

Wuhan Lab:


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