Why do you fart more on a plane?

What changes happen to our body when we are traveling on a plane?

Traveling on a plane at 35,000 feet is the equivalent of being on an 8000 foot mountain.  At the same time, the humidity is on a plane is lower than being in the desert!

Here are some of the changes that occur to our body when we fly:

-The reduced air pressure decreases our oxygen level by 6-25%.  For healthy passengers this is not a problem, but can cause difficulty for those with lung or heart problems, as well as the elderly.

-Our vision can be affected by the reduced oxygen level, causing our eyes to feel strained.

-The sensitivity of our taste buds decreases by up to 30% due to the low air pressure and low humidity on the flight.  This also makes certain foods taste better while flying, such as the savory flavor of tomato juice.

-Our sense of smell also decreases, which can cause food to taste bland.

-The change in air pressure can cause increased flatulence (farting).  When we fly, the gases in our digestive system expands by 30%, resulting in this problem. Planes often have charcoal filters to reduce the odors,  and the frequent flier can also now purchase charcoal underwear to filter their flatulence.

-Our skin dries out by 37% from its baseline, and leads to itchiness.

-Studies have shown that our immune system can be affected by the change in air pressure, making it more likely for us to become sick after flying.


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