Why do your hands swell up when it’s hot outside?

Hand swelling in hot weather is a common occurrence, especially if you go on a long walk or run. The swelling usually goes away after you are done exercising. What causes our hands to swell up when it’s hot out?

As you exercise, more blood goes out to the extremities through the arteries. This causes more blood to flow through the capillaries, the tiny network of blood vessels that release oxygen and nutrients to our organs including our skin. When more blood flows to the capillaries, it forces more fluid out into the skin, resulting in swelling.

Is there anything you can do to reduce the swelling? Be sure you stay well hydrated with water, and consider a low-sugar sports drink with very prolonged exercise in the heat. Remove rings, watches or wristbands prior to a walk, and if possible walk during the cooler portion of the day.


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