Can horrible posture be improved?

Poor posture, along with osteoporosis and the aging process, can lead to a hunchback condition.  Can this be improved?  Researchers are now finding that some patients can show improvement with exercise programs.

Below is an elderly patient who had developed severe hunchback and scoliosis.  The 85-year-old patient had gotten to the point she was unable to climb the stairs by herself.  She had tried treatment with physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture.

After working with a yoga instructor who specialized in back disorders, the patient began to perform special exercises and poses to improve her posture.



Specialists advise that patients with severe posture problems visit a physical therapist or   yoga instructor to train them in exercises that can improve their condition.  They should first check with their physician to ensure that they see the most appropriate clinician for their particular condition.

It’s important to begin performing exercises to improve posture prior to developing such severe deformity as this patient had.  Poor posture in youth can ultimately lead to the condition called “Dowager’s Hump”, or hunchback.


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