Home remedies that work

Not all home remedies really work, but here are some that science has found to be effective.

Duct tape for warts:  Multiple studies have shown that applying duct tape eliminates 85% of warts, compared to medical treatments such as freezing them off which removes only 60%!  The duct tape should be cut to size and applied to the wart, then replaced every 6 days for two months.

Ginger for nausea:  Studies have shown that ginger helps decrease gas and promotes digestion.  Ginger tea or ginger ale can help nausea.

Lemon drops for motion sickness:  Remember grandma carrying lemon drops in her car? Studies have should that the tannins found in lemons (also present in olives) helps with nausea from motion sickness.

Vinegar for swimmers ear:  Vinegar acidifies the ear canal, and can kill the bacteria that cause swimmers ear.

Cranberry juice for UTI:  Drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of a urinary tract infection can acidify the urine and flush out bacteria.

Chicken soup for a cold:  There are a small amount of prostaglandins in chicken soup that can help fight infection.  A large study found an anti-inflammatory effect from chicken soup.

As with any home remedy, if significant of persistent symptoms, the patient needs to receive medical care.

chicken soup.jpeg




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