Is there such a thing as a penis transplant?

We have all heard of organ transplants for the heart, lungs, kidney, and liver.  But here are some other transplants that can now be performed thanks to modern medicine:

Intestinal transplants:  This is a the transplantation of the small bowel for cases of intestinal failure caused by diseases such as Crohn’s, ulceration, or severe bowl obstructions.  The first intestinal transplant was performed in 1959.

Corneal transplants:  This is where the damaged cornea of the eye is replaced.  The replacement tissue is obtained from human donation as well as synthetic corneas.

Skin transplants:  These are used after severe skin injuries such as burns, and can be obtained from the patient’s own skin from a different site, from another individual who is genetically similar, from a skin donor, or from synthetic materials.

Nerve transplants:  There is current ongoing research to transplant nerves that have been traumatically injured.

Hand transplant:  The hand comes from a brain-dead donor, and this surgery takes 8-12 hours to attach the hand.  The patient will have to take life-long medication to prevent rejection.

Bone marrow transplant:  Also called stem-cell transplant, this is commonly performed for cancer of the blood or bone marrow such as multiple myeloma or leukemia.

Uterine transplant:  This is very rare and has had limited success to date, but in 2014 a woman who had a uterine transplant gave birth to an infant.  A uterine transplant is for women who have had to undergo a hysterectomy or who were born without a uterus.

Testicle transplants:  A British man who had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma had his testicles removed and frozen prior to chemotherapy, which can cause sterility.  After treatment, the testes were re-implanted, and the man fathered a child.  This surgery is still in the clinical trial stage.

Penis Transplant:  Several penis transplant surgeries have been performed for victims of trauma.  This is still in clinical trials, and results have been mixed.


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