How do Olympic athletes deal with jet lag?

The traditional thinking with jet lag is that every time zone crossed requires one day of adjustment.  But for this year’s Olympics, the athletes from the United States are trying a novel approach.

For this Olympics, many of the U.S. athletes are arriving only days before their events.  They are “chasing” jet lag, instead of avoiding it.

The reason?  They believe that by actually being slightly “foggy” mentally, that they may be able to avoid jitters, and are hoping that being slightly tired will calm their nerves!

Interestingly, there is no science to support that shortening the time frame from travel to competition will work.  Most Olympians arrive well in advance to acclimatize themselves to the change of time zone.

What is the time zone change for the U.S. athletes?  When it is 8 am in New York, it is 10 pm in South Korea!


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