Weird quarantine facts

As the world continues to quarantine due to Covid-19, here are some weird facts that are occurring during the pandemic:

  • Physical exercise has decreased by 48%
  • Sales of pretzels are and potato chips are up 30%
  • Traffic accidents have fallen by as much as 50% since stay-at-home orders went into place.
  • Calls to child abuse hotlines have decreased by 20%.
  • Calls to suicide hotlines have increased as much as 800% in some areas, thought due to social isolation and economic stressors.
  • Calls to Poison Centers are up by 20%,  which is thought to be due to increased use of home cleaning supplies.
  • Visits to the Emergency Department have decreased by up to 50%.  This is thought to be due to concern of getting infected by others during a hospital visit.
  • The rate of heart attacks has decreased by 40% worldwide.
  • Both alcohol and marijuana sales are up by 50%.


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