Does drinking alcohol prevent Alzheimer’s?

There is evidence that moderate alcohol consumption can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.


A study by Rush University tracked 960 people who did not have dementia.  The average age of the participants in the study was 81 years old.  They found that those who drank a glass of wine daily were less likely to have cognitive decline, and had improved memory and perceptual speed.


Another study from Chicago’s Loyola University School of Medicine looked at 365,000 participants.  They found that those who consumed moderate alcohol were 23% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s dementia.  However heavy drinkers (3-5 drinks per day) did not show improvement.


A recent study from the Korean Brain Aging Study for Early Diagnosis and Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease looked at 548 individuals.   All participants underwent clinical assessments,  PET scan, and brain MRI.  A moderate lifetime alcohol intake (1-13 drinks a week) found lower amyloid deposition in the brain.  Amyloid is a type of protein that the body normally  produces, however Alzheimer’s patients develop abnormal clumps of amyloid between the brain cells.  The Korean study found that alcohol consumption appeared to reduce this abnormal amyloid deposition.


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