How does salt affect blood pressure?

Our bodies have to have salt to live.  The currently dietary guidelines recommend about 2300 mg a day for most people.
Does eating salt (sodium) cause high blood pressure?
A worldwide medical study was performed in 1988 about salt.  It involved people from all around the world and tested over 10,000 people.  It measured their blood pressure,  their sodium intake, monitored their urine samples, and looked at their height, weight, and alcohol intake.   The researchers could find no significant link between salt and hypertension!
There are, however some people who are more sensitive to salt than others.  About 8 percent of the population appears to be more sensitive to salt. When a patient has high blood pressure, they can find out if they are salt-sensitive by decreasing the sodium in their diet to see if their blood pressure improves.
However, at this time there is no evidence that salt affects the  blood pressure for the other 92% of the population.

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