Do you know these old-fashioned medical terms?

Do you know these old-fashioned medical terms?

Consumption:  This is now called tuberculosis.

Ague:  Ague is now known as malaria.

Apoplexy:  This is an old term that meant paralysis due to stroke.

Bad Blood:  This is what they used to call syphilis.

Black Plague:  The Bubonic Plague used to be called the Black Plague.

Blood poisoning:  In the old days, a bacterial infection of the skin was called blood poisoning, now it is called cellulitis.  Cellulitis can have a red streak extending from the infected area up the vein, which is why it used to be called blood poisoning.

Boil:  Abscesses used to be called “boils”.

Catalepsy:  When patients have seizures they are now diagnosed with epilepsy, but the condition used to be called “cataplexy.”

Dropsy:  Swelling of the ankles is now called “edema”, but used to be called dropsy.

Dysentery:  Dysentery is the old fashioned word for diarrhea.

Grippe:  The “flu” or influenza used to be called grippe.

Infantile Paralysis:  This is the old-fashioned word for polio.

Lumbago:  Lumbago is an old-fashioned term for back pain.

Lying in, Confinement:  These are references to childbirth.

Milk Leg:  This refers to leg swelling from a clot in the vein after childbirth.

Podagra:  Podagra is the old-fashioned term for gout.

Quincy:  Strep tonsillitis, or strep throat, used to be called “Quincy”.


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