Why do people love to talk about themselves?

Most people love talking about themselves. Now scientists have discovered the reason.  Special x-rays of the brain have shown that when people talk about themselves, it triggers the same area in the brain as food, money, or sex.


Harvard University performed a study to discover why people love to talk about themselves.  In one part of the experiment, the study volunteers were offered more money if they would talk about other people or events.  The researchers found that the volunteers would give up the money as they would rather talk about themselves.  Maybe this is where the phrase “a penny for your thoughts” came from!


The researchers also monitored the brain activity of the study volunteers, to see what parts of the brain were triggered by self-disclosure. They used a special type of x-ray called a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner (fMRI), which tracks changes in blood flow to the brain. They found that when people talk about themselves, the same area of the brain lights up that is triggered by food, money, or sex!




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