Foods that can kill you

Cherry pits (as well as plum, peaches, and apricot pits):  Fruit pits contain cyanide!  The good news is you would have to eat hundreds of cherry pits to hit the lethal amount of cyanide, but better to spit them out just to be safe.

Pufferfish (fugu):  This fish is banned in the United States but is a delicacy in other countries.  Unless perfectly cooked, it contains a lethal poison.

Hot dogs:  Hot dogs are the number one cause of choking-related injuries in children.

Alfalfa sprouts:  These are an ideal environment for bacteria growth, and have been the cause of multiple food poisoning outbreaks such as Salmonella and E. coli.

Sannakji:  This is an octopus dish that is popular in other countries.  Six people die from this a year on average when the octopus suction cups attach to the throat when swallowed.

Peanuts:  Peanuts cause 11 deaths per year on average from allergic reactions.

Octopus dish Sannakji:




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