Fun vasectomy facts

  1. A vasectomy does not result in immediate infertility. Sperm can live in the system for weeks!


  1. There is a reversal procedure for vasectomy to regain fertility if a patient changes their mind.  The reversal is 40-90% effective.  About 3% of all men who have a vasectomy later want a reversal.


  1. Half a million men get a vasectomy every year in the United States.


  1. There is no evidence that vasectomies increase risk of other diseases such as prostate cancer, heart disease, or stroke.


  1. Some urologists now advertise vasectomies before March Madness basketball tournament, advising men that they can recover off-work at home while they watch the games.


  1. When a man has a vasectomy, he still has seminal fluids, and will still have a normal orgasm.


  1. A vasectomy takes about 30 minutes.


One thought on “Fun vasectomy facts”

  1. Right: only 20 minutes, no pain, no stitches, no medication. Six weeks later a sperm control told us I was sterile. No change exept the lack of fear for unwanted pregnancy, pure fun.


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