Why do we need vitamin C?

Vitamin C is used by our bodies to repair our tissues. Vitamin C is vital for wound healing, as well as collagen synthesis.

 Vitamin C is important for our immune system, and works as an anti-oxidant. While it does not prevent the common cold, it can help shorten the length of cold symptoms.

 Vitamin C is vital for production of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals released by our nerves to send impulses.

 If a person is not getting enough vitamin C, they may have brown spots on the skin, and spongy gums that bleed easily.   They may develop open wounds and even lose teeth.   Lack of vitamin C can lead to fatigue and depression. Because vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, lack of vitamin C will eventually lead to a condition called scurvy.

 When we think of foods that have vitamin C, we think of oranges. But there are many food that have even more vitamin C than oranges. Here are foods that are very rich in vitamin C, ranked from highest amount of vitamin C:

 Chili peppers


Sweet yellow peppers







Brussel sprouts




Patient with scurvy with bleeding gums:



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