Does our body have a built in bathroom scale?

A team of researchers from Sweden has found that the body has a built in weight-sensing system.  The system operates like a bathroom scale inside of our body!

If the body weight increases, a signal is sent to from the body to the brain, telling it to decrease food intake.  This is our own internal fat regulatory system.

However, the study also found that with prolonged sitting or inactivity, the internal weight-sensing system is disrupted, and does not send the message to decrease intake!

We all know that prolonged sitting at a couch or desk is unhealthy, and this appears to be one more reason to get up frequently to exercise.

How can we learn to listen to our body’s messages?  Try to eat only when hungry, but not waiting until the feeling of starvation.  Eat slowly, so that the food can trigger the message from the stomach to the brain that it is getting full.   And most importantly, fit in frequent exercise through the day, to keep the body’s own regulatory system up and running.

Tomorrow’s column:  What would happen if you quit weighing yourself on a scale?



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