Weird neurological syndromes

Capgras Syndrome:  Also called “Imposter Syndrome”, is when a person has an irrational belief that someone they know has been replaced by an imposter.

Cotard’s Syndrome:  When a person believes that their organs have shut down or even believe that they have died when they have not.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder: When a person believes part of their body is foreign and should be removed. These people will sometimes harm themselves to get rid of the body part.

Prosopagnosia:  When a person can’t recognize other people’s faces, even people in their own family.

Exploding Head Syndrome:  This disorder makes people hear random explosions in their head.

Kluver-Bucy Syndrome:  The desire to eat inedible objects, or having a sexual attraction to inanimate objects such as automobiles.


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