How can Alexa help the disabled?

We’ve all heard about the Amazon smart speaker, Alexa. How is Alexa helping the disabled?

While Alexa is a fun novelty for the average person who wants a recipe or wants a song to play, Alexa is being used by the disabled for tasks they can’t complete on their own. This is providing the disabled with independence they have never had before.

For disabled individuals who can’t move their hands, tasks such as ordering groceries and making their own doctor’s appointment is now a possibility with Alexa.

The Alexa is also more affordable than many medical technologies for the disabled. The Alexa is about $180, and about $50 for the smaller Dot device, and these reasonable prices have allowed those with limited income to access these devices.

What services can Alexa provide for the disabled?

-Reading audio books for those with visual disabilities on inability to hold a book

-Turning the lights on and off

-Purchasing items from Amazon for delivery

-Adjusting the thermostat, which is especially important for those with spinal cord injuries who can’t regulate body temperature

-Accessing the news to stay in touch

-Setting up Google calendar for reminders on doctor’s appointments


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