Home remedies that really work

Duct tape for warts:  Multiple studies have shown that applying duct tape eliminates 85% of warts, compared to medical treatments such as freezing them off which removes only 60%!  The duct tape should be cut to size and applied to the wart, then replaced every 6 days for two months.

Ginger for nausea:  Studies have shown that ginger helps decrease gas and promotes digestion.  Ginger tea or ginger ale can help with nausea.

Lemon drops for motion sickness:  Remember grandma carrying lemon drops in her car? Studies have should that the tannins found in lemons (also present in olives) helps with nausea from motion sickness.

Oatmeal: Dermatologists have found that oatmeal baths really do help itching.

Vinegar for swimmers ear:  Vinegar acidifies the ear canal, and can kill the bacteria that cause swimmers ear.

Vinegar for cuticle infections: Vinegar can help if an infection is starting at the cuticle.

Cranberry juice for urinary tract infections:  Drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of a urinary tract infection can acidify the urine and flush out bacteria.

Water for urinary tract infections: Studies have shown that women who drink more water have fewer urinary tract infections.

Berries: Sounds too good to be true, but scientists have found that berries work as anti-inflammatories!

Chicken soup for a cold:  There is a small amount of prostaglandins in chicken soup that can help fight infection.  A large study found that chicken soup has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Caffeine: Drinking a cup of coffee can help a headache. Studies have also shown that applying ice to the back of the neck can help with headaches.

Sugar: A study found that eating a spoonful of sugar stopped hiccups in 19 out of 20 patients!

As with any home remedy, if significant of persistent symptoms, the patient needs to seek medical care.

Tomorrow: Home remedies that DON’T work!


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