Which carries more germs, a woman’s purse of a man’s wallet?

A woman’s purse has 10,000 bacteria per square inch, and 30% of handbags test positive for fecal bacteria.   Men’s wallets have even more germs, likely because they are kept in a warm pocket where the bacteria can grow.

The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria on it’s surface than a toilet seat.

Half of all credit cards test positive for MRSA bacteria.

Smart phones carry up to 30,000  bacteria per square centimeter.

The average computer keyboard has more bacteria than a toilet seat.

A dollar bill can carry up to 26,000 live bacteria.

Touching a railing on a city bus or subway brings you into contact with the germs of up to 5000 other people.

Re-usable water bottles, if not run through the dishwasher, carry up to 300,000 bacteria per square centimeter.


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