Did you hear about the homemade Poison Ivy remedy?

You can make it from scratch!  (That is a little Poison Ivy joke.   Get it?  Scratch?)

But Poison Ivy is no joke.  Here are some fun facts about Poison Ivy:

  1.  What is the difference between Poison Ivy and Poison Oak?    Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and another plant called Poison Sumac grow in wooded areas throughout North America, however they aren’t really “poisonous”.  They do contain a sticky oil called “uroshiol”, that causes an itchy, blistering rash after it touches the skin.
  2.  How long does the rash last?  The rash starts within 24-72 hours of contact and can last up to three weeks.
  3.  Why do some people get Poison Ivy and some people don’t?  Most people (85%) are allergic to uroshiol.  The other 15% of people can be exposed to Poison Ivy and never get a rash.
  4.  How long does the uroshiol oil from Poison Ivy stay active?  The oil can last for up to two years according to some studies, so it is is very important to wash any item that came into contact with the plant, such as shoes, socks, clothing, or gear.
  5. Can you prevent Poison Ivy?  By wearing long clothes to keep the skin covered, and avoiding the plant, it can help prevent Poison Ivy. If you do have contact with Poison Ivy, washing right area with soap, water, or rubbing alcohol can help remove it.  Any clothing exposed should be washed right away as well.There is also a lotion that contains an ingredient “bentoquatam” (available over-the-counter) that can prevent the rash but must be applied prior to exposure.
  6.  How do you treat Poison Ivy?  Calamine lotion, diphenhydramine, and hydrocortisone are commonly used to treat Poison Ivy.  Try not to scratch it.
  7.  Are hot showers bad for Poison Ivy rash?  There has never been a scientific study on this, but the general thought is that a hot shower, even though it feels great, will make the rash worse.  There are some people who advocate for hot showers for actually helping the rash, but again there is no science regarding that.
  8.  Is Poison Ivy contagious?  No.  You can’t catch the rash from someone with Poison Ivy.

poison ivy

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