How fat was King Henry VIII?

King Henry the VIII is mostly remembered for his six wives.  Of his wives, one died, two he divorced, two were beheaded, and one survived.

Henry became very obese as he aged, and his waistline grew to 54 inches!  The first device to lift heavy patients, called the Hoyer Lift, was actually invented for King Henry the VIII, as he became so heavy he could not move around on his own.

The king became afflicted with gout and pus-filled boils.  He had a wound from a prior jousting accident that opened up as he became more obese.  It festered and became ulcerated.

Towards the end of his life, the king ate 12-13 meals a day for 5000 calories a day, and drank 70 pints of ale a week!  At his death he weighed approximately 320 pounds.

King Henry the VIII finally died age 55.







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