New medical uses for smartwatch

We have all seen smartwatches that monitor exercise, sleep and activity levels.  But what medical conditions are smartwatches now used for?

Seizures:  There is now a smartwatch called “Empatica” that can tell if a patient is having seizures, and transmit that information to a family member via a smartphone app.

Parkinson’s Disease:  A new smartwatch can monitor the tremors and abnormal movements of Parkinson’s.  This information can help the patient’s physician adjust medications based on the severity of their symptoms.

Cardiac monitoring:  The “iBeat” smartwatch  can monitor abnormal heart rhythms for patients with cardiac conditions, and transmit the information to emergency services.

Diabetes:  The “K’Watch” wearable monitors blood glucose levels without need for any blood samples.  The watch senses blood glucose levels through the skin and can test levels an unlimited number of times throughout the day.

Blood pressure:  A new smartwatch called “Omron” monitors the blood pressure, and can even take readings at night.

K’Watch for blood glucose monitoring:



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