Which country invented margarine?

The answer to which country invented margarine might surprise you.

It’s France!  Emperor Napolean III offered a prize for anyone who could make a butter substitute to be used by the armed forces.   A French chemist then invented margarine.

Margarine is made from plant oils such as canola, palm fruit, or soybean oil. Margarine is a trans fat.

Butter is made from dairy cows from cream that is churned, and the solid product removed, which is butter.

Both trans and saturated fats raise bad cholesterol (LDL), but trans fat raises it more.  Trans fats lower good cholesterol (HDL).

Most margarines contain little or no cholesterol.  Butter has cholesterol.

In countries where cows are grass-fed, butter consumption is associated with a dramatic risk in heart disease.  So if you buy butter, buy it from cows that are grass-fed if possible.

If you buy margarine, try to find the kind lowest in trans fat.


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