What is a Juul?

A Juul (pronounced Jewel)  is a type of e-cigarette that delivers nicotine.  It has become very popular among teenagers.  Teens are drawn to the device due to the fact that it is electronic and comes with flavored pods that are smoked.
The device looks like a laptop USB drive, and is actually plugged into a laptop drive to recharge.
Juuls contain 5% nicotine, much higher than e-cigarettes.  One liquid pod that goes into a Juul delivers the nicotine of an entire pack of cigarettes!
Teens also like Juuls because they come in flavors such as fruit and mint.
Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics sued the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for not regulating c-cigarette products including Juuls.
A recent study found that 18.5 percent of 8th graders have now tried vaping with devices such as Juuls or e-cigarettes, though only 9% have tried cigarettes.
Juul Lab, which produces the device, was founded by two Stanford graduates in 2007.  The company has made almost $1 billion dollars due to the devices. The Juul device sells for $50, and the pods that contain the flavored nicotine cost $16.

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