Tender at the Bone

Osteoporosis affects 200 million people worldwide.

Our bones start thinning and becoming less strong at about age 35!  A woman can lose up to half of her bone mass during her lifetime.

One out of every three women over 50 will fracture (break) a bone from osteoporosis, and one of every five men.

Someone in the world breaks a bone every 3 seconds due to osteoporosis!

Who’s at risk?  People who are very thin, take steroids for a medical condition, smoke, or have more than 4 drinks a day are at higher risk.  Women are more often affected, but men can also be affected from osteoporosis.

How can osteoporosis be prevented?  A healthy diet with enough calcium and Vitamin D, combined with exercise can help prevent osteoporosis.

How do you know if you have osteoporosis?  A special scan such as a DEXA scan can diagnose thin bones.  All women over age 65 should have this test, and men who have risk factors should also be tested.  Some patients will need to start medications if their bones are very thin.

Point to ponder:  If bone loss starts at 35, and bone loss occurs very quickly during menopause, why do clinical guidelines not recommend DEXA scan until age 65?  That is a question that researchers are evaluating.


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