Is daylight savings time bad for your health?

Can daylight savings time make you sick?
A study found a higher rate of workplace accidents on the Monday and Tuesday following daylight savings time.  The study found that the average worker got 40 minutes less sleep, and had a 5.7% increase risk of workplace injuries.
The time change has also been found to be associated with a higher rate of motor vehicle accidents, likely due to fatigue.  One study found a 17% increased risk of traffic fatality deaths on the Monday following daylight savings time!
One study found that the rate of heart attacks increases by 10% on the Monday and Tuesday after daylight savings time.
Another study found that the rate of patients having a stroke was 8% higher in the two days after daylight savings time.   Prior studies have shown that stroke rates are higher if the circadian rhythm is disrupted and with sleep fragmentation, so the reseachers believe that the increased stroke risk is due to the change of sleep cycle.

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