How much are Americans spending on plastic surgery?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported that Americans spent more than $16 billion on plastic surgeries last year!  That is the most plastic surgeries of any year ever.

What are the most common plastic surgeries performed?

-Breast Augmentation:  300,000 surgeries (average cost $7,000)

-Liposuction:  235,000 surgeries (average cost $6,000)

-Nose jobs:  220,000 surgeries (average cost $7,500)

-Eyelid surgery:  209,000 surgeries (average cost $5,000)

-Facelifts:  131,000 surgeries (average cost $12,000)

– Tummy tuck: 130,000 procedures (average cost $8,000)

– Buttock augmentation: 20,000 procedures (average cost $4,500)


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