How much of our life are we spending looking at a screen?


How much of our day are we spending looking at a screen?

The average American spends five hours a day watching TV.    The age group that watches the most are those over age 65, who watch over 7 hours a day on average.

In America, 95% of people watch TV every day.

Over a lifetime, 15 years of the average American’s life is spent watching TV!

The average person checks their phone 46 times a day, which is up from 33 times a day in 2014.

The average total amount of time spent looking at a cell phone per day is 1 hour 40 minutes total.

When dining in a restaurant, 81% of diners check their phone during the meal.

The average person with an iPad spends 2-5 hours a day on their device.

The average smartphone owner with a Facebook account checks their Facebook 14 times a day.

Overall, the average American spends 10 hours and 40 minutes a day looking at a screen, up an hour a day from last year.

Over a lifetime, the average American spends over 30 years looking at a screen!


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