Did you hear about the famous Italian chef who got food poisoning?

He pasta-way last night.

7.  Seafood:

Seafood can be contaminated with toxins, bacteria, and parasites.  One example is Ciguatera poisoning, a toxin that is not destroyed by cooking seafood.  Shellfish can be contaminated  by algae, building up toxins to dangerous levels. Again, cooking will not eliminate this risk.

8.  Rice:

Rice can carry bacillus cereus, which infects and lives in uncooked rice.  Cooking actually activates the spores and increases the risk of infection.

9.  Deli meats:

Ham, hot dogs, salami, and other deli meats can be affected by listeria and other bacteria.  Its important to cook hot dogs and back for at least 3 minutes before eating.

10.  Fruit:

Listeria can grow on the skins of grit and vegetables, and salmonella outbreaks have been traced to berries, peppers, and tomatoes.

Undercooked chicken:


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