Can you really be addicted to lip balm?

You may have heard people say that they are addicted to their lip balm.  Can that really happen?
Our lips have no oil glands, so can dry out easily, leading people to want to frequently apply their lip balm.  Lip balm can actually slow down the production of fresh new skin cells on the lips, so when the balm wears off, the lips will feel even more dry.  In addition, some lip balms contain ingredients such as menthol or salicylic acid that can irritate the lips.
This can lead to the habit of re-applying lip balm multiple times a day.  Americans spend over $400 million on lip balms per year!
Is there anything you can do to stop a lip balm habit?  Dermatologists suggest not licking your lips, keeping your home humidified, and staying hydrated.
lip balm

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