What causes snoring?

Why do some people snore?  We know that 30-50% of our population snores.  Snoring is more common in men, and by age 60 up to 60% of men snore.

Snoring occurs from obstructed air movement during sleep.

Potential causes can include obesity, nasal obstruction, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, sleep deprivation, alcohol, drugs, and weak or malpositioned jaw.

There is no single cure for snoring.  Weight loss, sleeping on the patient’s side, and nasal strips can help.  If a patient has Obstructive Sleep Apnea they may need a machine called CPAP to wear at night.  There are oral appliances that look like retainers that can help.  There are some types of surgeries that can help.  To date, no medications have shown to be effective for snoring.

In recent snoring news, this week in Arkansas a woman stabbed her husband with a butcher’s knife due to his snoring, lacerating his spleen and liver, which resulted in his death.



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