Ahhh, the office holiday party. What could go wrong?

The company holiday party is a well-loved tradition.  More than 8 out of 10 organizations host a holiday party.  At these parties, over 50% have alcohol served, and at 40% of the parties there is no charge for the alcohol.  What could go wrong?

According to a recent study by career information site Vault.com, 15% of employees surveyed say that they have seen workers either disciplined or fired because of actions at a holiday party.  In addition, 18% say they have seen colleagues attempting to become romantic with co-workers.
The United States Department of Transportation say that 40-45 people die each year during holiday driving accidents, many related to alcohol.
Some tips have been suggested to protect yourself:  1.  Take a responsible person with you, who can caution you if you have had too much to drink or are acting inappropriately.  2.  Remember that work parties are not a potential dating pool.  3.  Do not have more than two drinks at the office party, it can affect you professionally and personally.  4.  Leave early.  5.  Take an Uber or cab if you have been drinking and don’t have a designated driver.
office party

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