Do people who take vacations have fewer heart attacks?

Are you one of 40 percent of American’s who don’t use your vacation days?

There may be some medical reasons to go ahead and use up that PTO (Paid Time Off)!

First of all, what is the reason that employees DON’T take their vacation days? The most common reason is that the employee feels that no one can do their job as well as they can. But 20% of people say they are afraid to go on vacation for fear that they will be viewed as easily replaceable. So is it worth it to take a vacation?

A study of Dutch adults found that employees who took a vacation were happier and more satisfied as employees even for up to two weeks AFTER their vacation. The same study found that employees were happier if they took two small vacations a year instead of one large vacation.

The Framingham Heart Study found that taking regular vacation time was linked to lower risk of heart disease.   People who took at least 1 week of vacation a year were 30% less likely to take a heart attack than their colleagues who skipped vacation time!

But will your job suffer? A study by Ernst and Young accounting firm found that for each additional 10 hours that an employee took for vacation, his or her performance review was 8 percentage points higher!


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