Just sittin’ around

So you have a job where you sit all day.  As long as you exercise before you go in or on the weekends, it won’t affect your health, right?

Unfortunately, no.  Studies have shown that if you sit all day, there are still consequences to your  health from having a sedentary job.

One large recent study followed 8000 sedentary workers for four years.  During that time, four percent of the workers (340 individuals) died.  The researchers found a strong correlation with the amount of time sitting and with risk of death.  The highest risk of death was for those who sat for over 12 hours a day.

Is there anything you can do to stay healthy if you have a desk job?  The research has shown benefit if you try to move every 30 minutes while at work, such as walking or performing calisthenics, and when you are not at work, try to avoid sedentary screen time.


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