Is your cell phone giving you cancer?

We have all read concerns in the media about cell phones and cancer.  What does the science show around this issue?

The short answer:  Studies to date do not show increased risk of brain cancer or other cancers.

The long answer:

There are now 7.4 billion users of mobile phones in the world.  Cell phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range (450-2100 MHz).

Some studies have shown increased tumors in mice and rats, but studies to date in humans have not shown a relationship with the diagnosis of tumors.

The  INTERPHONE study looked at 5000 people with brain tumors and 5000 people without brain tumors, and found no difference in the use of cell phones as far as frequency or length of calls

A Danish study looked at cell phone use over 13 years, and found no link with any type of cancer in about 400,000 patients.

Are there any precautions you should take, just to be safe?  The National Radiation Advisory authorities recommend using a hand-free device, and keeping the cell phone away from the body when possible.  Because children are more sensitive to radiation, it may be wise to defer children from having a cell phone until at least age 10.



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