How many boxers have died of their injuries?

More than 1,300 boxers have died from injuries sustained in the ring.

There are two main types of injuries in boxing, acute injuries which can result in death, and long-term cumulative brain injury.

There are many cases where a boxer has died in the ring or shortly after a fight.  Examples include Gerald Mclellan, Leavander Johnson, Jimmy Doyle, Duk-Koo Kim, and female boxer Becky Zerlentes.

Long-term brain injury is also called “Pugilism” and is caused by repeated concussions.  Brain scans performed on famous boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Jerry Quarry show chronic changes from their blows.

What about mixed martial arts contests?  There are multiple examples of deaths from this sport both in sanctioned and unsanctioned contests.  Examples include Sam Vasquez,  Donshay White, and Tyrone Mims.




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