Did Elizabeth Taylor really have violet eyes?

The most common eye color is brown.  Brown eyes are a dominant genetic trait, and 55% of the population has brown eye color.  Brown eyes may appear very dark and almost black in some people, but are actually very dark brown.  There is no such thing as black eye color.

Blue eyes are genetically recessive, and 8% of the population has blue eyes.  Silver or gray eyes are rare and are a variant of blue eye color, as are violet eyes.  Elizabeth Taylor was a famous person who had violet eye color.

People with hazel eyes have brown pigment with a green/yellow tint, and 5-8% of the population have hazel eyes.

Amber eyes have a copper/yellow color and are rare.

Green eyes are the rarest in the world, and are often confused with hazel eyes. Less than 2% of the population has green eyes.


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