Does photographic memory really exist?

Photographic memory is defined as the ability to recall text or numbers after briefly looking at a page of information, then being able to recite it with great detail.

Does photographic memory really exist?  There are very few proven cases.
In the 1970s, a  woman named Elizabeth Stromeyer was found to be able to look at poetry in  foreign languages, which she could not understand, and to be able to remember the words precisely even after looking at the page for only a few minutes.   She could also remember random dot patterns with precision after only glancing at them for seconds.
Nikola Tesla, the inventor and physicist, could memorize entire books, and could visualize his inventions in complicated detail.
Teddy Roosevelt could memorize entire pages of newspaper, and read 2-3 books a day.
“Eidetic memory” is a different form of photographic memory, and is the ability to look at a photo or a scene for only a few seconds and be able to remember even the smallest detail very clearly.  This has only been found in a small number of young children, and has never been found in adults.
Nikola Tesla:

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