How much do Big Pharma Execs really make?

Salaries for year 2016:

Robert Coury (Mylan, maker of EpiPen, Perforomist, Ultiva, etc)  –  $97 Million a year

Joseph Papa (Valeant, maker of Xifaxan, Uceris, Wellbutrin, etc) – $63 Million a year

David Hung  (Medivation, maker of enzalutamide) – Base salary $910,000 but will get $350 Million for payout deal

Leonard Schleifer (Regeneron, maker of Eylea, Praluent, etc) – $40 Million a year

Alex Gorsky (Johnson and Jonson, maker of Remicade, Concerta, etc)  – $24 Million a year

Kenneth Frazier (Merck, maker of Vioxx, Fosamax, etc) $21 Million a year





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