Who are the top prescribers for narcotic pain medication?

We all know that Americans use more narcotics than any other country in the world.

Enough narcotics were prescribed in 2015 to medicate every American for three weeks straight!

Who is prescribing all of these pills?

There is an interesting site to look up who is prescribing the most in your state.

Google, “top oxycodone prescriber Oregon”.  You can fill in your state, and change oxycodone to hydrocodone or whatever drug you want to look up.  This takes you to the Propublica web site:


You can also use this website if providers are taking kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies.  Google “propublica dollars for doctors data” and fill in your doctors name.

The site does not include dentists, who now write 8% of all opioid prescriptions including 31% of the narcotics that are going to teenagers.



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