Do you know these old-fashioned medical terms?

Do you know these old-fashioned medical terms?  The term on the left is an old fashioned name for a medical condition, and on the right is the the modern name of the disease.

Consumption:  Tuberculosis

Ague:  Malaria

Apoplexy:  Paralysis due to stroke

Bad Blood:  Syphilis

Black Plague:  Bubonic Plague

Blood poisoning:  Bacterial infection with lymphangitic streak (red streak from infection)

Boil:  Abscess

Catalepsy:  Seizures

Dropsy:  Edema

Dysentery:  Diarrhea

Grippe:  Influenza

Infantile Paralysis:  Polio

Lumbago:  Back pain

Lying in, Confinement:  Childbirth

Milk Leg:  Leg swelling from thrombophlebitis after childbirth

Palsy:  Loss of muscle control

Podagra; Gout

Quincy:  Strep tonsillitis

old fashioned



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