How much healthcare money is wasted in fraud?

How much healthcare money is really wasted in fraud in the United States?  Last year, the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid estimated that fraud added $98 billion to the annual spending for these programs.  Across the entire health care system including private insurance, it is estimated that there is $272 billion a year wasted in fraudulent billing.
The federal government opens up over 2000 health fraud probes a year.  The government’s fraud unit recovers $8 for every $1 it spends investigating fraud.
What are some examples of medical fraud cases?
One doctor in Miami fraudulently charged for $24 million of medical equipment, delivering wheelchairs to thousands of people who did not need them, and then billing Medicare $5000 per chair.
Last year in Louisiana, a pharmacy owner paid nursing home staff to bring her unused medications, and she re-packaged them and sold them as new, charging Medicare $2.2 million dollars.
A clinic in New York was charged with fraud recently for producing illegal prescriptions for oxycodone, a narcotic, and selling the prescriptions for $30-90 each.

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