Was Einstein’s brain different than ours?

We all know that Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and won the Nobel Prize. In his life he published over 300 scientific papers.

Studies have determined that Einstein’s IQ was about 160.  On the IQ scale, over 140 is considered a genius, and 90-109 is the average IQ.
What made Einstein so smart?  Well, the pathologist who did the autopsy tried to find out.  During the autopsy,  Dr. Thomas Harvey removed Einstein’s brain without his family’s permission!  He took it to a lab where he studied it, and gave pieces to other pathologists so that they could study it also.
In 1978, Einstein’s brain was finally rediscovered, preserved in alcohol.  The family allowed it to be stored at the National Museum of Health and Medicine.
Was his brain different than ours?  Studies showed that the regions of Einstein’s brain involved in speech and language were smaller, and the regions involved with numerical and spatial processing were larger.  It also had more glial cells, which help with transmission of neural impulses.

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