What ailed Abe?

We all know that Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president, and led our country through the Civil War before he was assassinated in 1865.   But we are lucky that he ever became president in the first place, with all of the medical problems that he had!

When he was 9, a horse kicked him in the head, and he was unconscious for 24 hours.  Another time in his youth, he fell into a creek and almost drowned.

He was clubbed on the head during a robbery attempt in 1828, and had frostbite of his feet in 1830.

Abraham Lincoln survived malaria two times.  His whole family had malaria in 1830, and he had malaria a second time in 1835.

Abe had smallpox in 1863, after delivering the Gettysburg address.

Lincoln was also said to have suffered from depression, then called “melancholy”.

There had been a theory that he had Marfan Syndrome, a genetic disease which is associate with tall, thin patients, and can cause heart, nervous system, and musculoskeletal problems.  There was never testing performed, but geneticists now do not think that he suffered from this disease.


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