Tender at the Bone

Osteoporosis affects 200 million people worldwide.

Our bones start thinning and becoming less strong at about age 35!

1 of every 3 women over 50 will fracture (break) a bone from osteoporosis, and 1 of every 5 men.

Due to osteoporosis, someone in the world breaks a bone every 3 seconds.

Who’s at risk?  People who are very thin, take steroids for a medical condition, smoke, or have more than 4 drinks a day are at higher risk.

What prevents osteoporosis?  A healthy diet with enough calcium and Vitamin D, and exercising can help prevent osteoporosis.  Using light weights may especially help.

How do you know if you have osteoporosis?  A special scan such as a DEXA scan can diagnose thin bones.  Women over 65 should consider getting this test.  Some patients may start medications based on this test if their bones are very thin.



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