Addicted to…


Eighteen percent of Americans smoke tobacco, and 11 percent smoke pot.

Percent of adults who smoke tobacco:

Austria:  36 percent

Japan:  30 percent

France: 27 percent

US:  18 percent

The average smoker lives 14 years less than a nonsmoker.

The average smoker spends $2,200 a year on cigarettes.

The average pot smoker (in a legalized state) spends $650 a year on pot.

Country that smokes the most pot:  Iceland.  The next are:  Nigeria, Zambia, the U.S. and New Zealand.

Percent of adults 18 years of age and over who were current regular drinkers (at least 12 drinks in the past year): 51.3 percent.

Four percent of all deaths in the world are alcohol related.

Ten to 20 percent of Americans meet the criteria for alcoholism at some point in their life.

Countries with highest alcohol death rates:  El Salvador (#1), Guatemala, Honduras, Denmark, Estonia, Nicaragua, and Haiti.

In the United States, 9.4 percent of the population has a diagnosis of substance abuse.

In 2013, 30 percent of men and 16 percent of women age 12 and over report binge drinking within the past month.

In the United States, 10 percent of men and 3 percent of women report themselves as heavy alcohol users.

In 2013, 10 percent of all drivers had driven under the influence of alcohol at least once in the past year.


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